Tired in the morning? It could be your shower habits

Showering can be healthy as long as it's done right. But there are some showering mistakes that might leave you feeling worse than better.

These showering mistakes don't just harm your skin
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These showering mistakes don't just harm your skin

Mistakes when showering? It sounds strange at first, but there are actually a few things you can do wrong. If you know about them, you can avoid fatigue and skin problems. The time, temperature and duration of showering can be a very personal decision. However, to do the best for your body, experts recommend certain things to avoid in your morning routine.

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Temperature is crucial

Although the thought of starting the morning with a cold shower doesn't sound very appealing, doctors and beauticians recommend doing just that. Professional aesthetician Alison Angold says in an interview published on Medium:

The morning shower should be lukewarm at most. Very hot water not only dries out the skin, but also removes the skin's protective acid mantle. This protection prevents bacteria from penetrating the skin and is an essential component of the skin.

Warm showers make you sleepy

But it is not only the health of the skin that is affected by the temperature in the shower. According to recent studies, showers that are too warm in the morning have a relaxing effect on the body and therefore have the opposite effect of the actual goal: instead of getting the circulation going, they make the body tired.

Plastic surgeon Robert Goldman even believes that cold showers are best. He points out that a cold shower can not only help you wake up in the morning, but also boost your immune system. The following quote from a study published in the PLOS journal proves him right:

Our results show that cold showers, over at least 30 days, led to a reduction in sick days at work in adults. The participants who took cold showers also reported that they experienced a small improvement in their quality of life.

Duration also plays a role in showering

Spending too much time in the shower also brings negative consequences. It also makes you tired and can be harmful to your skin. That is why most experts recommend not to shower for more than five to 10 minutes in the morning.

People with skin diseases in particular should shower for as short a time as possible to avoid drying out their skin and hair. In addition, longer showers give the ingredients in the soap more time to develop their harmful effects on the skin.

So, if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, you should spend as little time as possible in the shower and take cold showers if possible. Ultimately, any skin condition can be aggravated by a shower that is too long or too hot.

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