Sudden itching could be a sign of pancreatic cancer

A woman suffering a sudden onset of very itchy skin, had to confront the unexpected and scary reason for it.

sudden itching pancreatic cancer
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sudden itching pancreatic cancer

What might seem like weird co-incidences, might actually be a symptom for something serious. Even things such as loss of appetite or experiencing extreme thirst or even bizarre occurrences, such as experiencing pregnancy symptoms, could be indications of serious health conditions.

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As reported by Today, sudden onset of itching on all over your body can be the symptom of something extremely dangerous.

Sudden onset of itching

Today reports the experience of Barbara Green, who without any explanation, found herself experiencing itching all over her body. As a person with a healthy lifestyle, the itching did not bother her too much in the beginning, but it just would not stop!

Green describes the itching to Today,

I was just so itchy, like if you had a bug bite that really drives you crazy, but this is like a bug bite that’s spread to your entire body.
I thought the doctor was going to think I was a nut case for coming in because I was itchy.
Symptoms of pancreatic cancer can include stomach or back pain Andrea Piacquadio

She also noticed other strange symptoms appear on her body. These included the fact that the colour of her urine was getting darker, while the colour of her stool got lighter.

She soon made her way to the doctor's and recounted all the strange symptoms she had been noticing.

The itchy skin was a symptom of this cancer

Green's doctor ordered some blood tests, suspecting a liver issue. When the test results came back, there was serious cause for concern: Green's liver enzymes were abnormally high. The doctor advised Green to visit an emergency room for a CT scan asap.

The scan results led to the real diagnosis for the disease which caused all the strange symptoms: Green had pancreatic cancer!

She describes the ordeal saying,

I had no idea there was anything wrong with me. I thought I was perfectly fine.Everybody else seems to realize that pancreatic cancer is deadly. I didn’t even know that.

Itchiness is not experienced by everyone who contracts cancer of the pancreas. But it happens in some causes because of the pancreatic tumour that blocks the bile duct, leading to a buildup of a substance called bilirubin.

Fortunately, after rounds of chemotherapy, Green survived the disease. She has to still be mindful of her health and undergo oral maintenance therapy, but she feels optimistic about the future.

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