How To Recognise Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant? We help you to recognise the first symptoms of pregnancy.

How To Recognise Early Signs Of Pregnancy
How To Recognise Early Signs Of Pregnancy

How To Recognise Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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1. Symptoms of pregnancy: It is important to remember that all women will experience different symptoms of pregnancy. Some women will have cravings, others nausea, and some women do not have any symptoms at all during the first stages of their pregnancy.

The best way to confirm pregnancy is to have a urine and blood test. Since they are not reliable immediately, here is a list of signs that can also indicate pregnancy.

One of the first signs is the swelling of the breasts. If they have become tender and painful, you may already be experiencing the hormonal change in your body. The onset of nausea and even sometimes vomiting, especially in the morning, is also a sign of pregnancy. Nausea usually subsides at the end of the first half of pregnancy, but sometimes it can last longer, even in some cases until delivery. The most significant symptom of a pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. However, some women may still experience vaginal bleeding which could be mistaken for a period.

2. Symptoms of pregnancy before late menstruation: If you have been trying to become pregnant for a while, you will want to know as soon as possible if you are expecting a baby. Try to relax as much as possible! The less pressure you put on yourself, the greater your chances of getting pregnant.

Some women have pregnancy symptoms long before their period is due, sometimes as early as the first days after fertilisation! One of the most common symptoms at the very beginning is a tug in the lower belly, towards the ovaries.

Some future mothers will have trouble falling asleep or will experience hot flushes. Whether these symptoms are the result of their imagination or true signs of hormonal changes, they are to be considered. If you do not feel anything, do not panic! Only a pregnancy test can confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

3. Confirming pregnancy: The only way to confirm pregnancy is to take a test. Some brands offer early testing, up to six days before the presumed start date. You should be aware that the longer you wait, the more reliable the test is.

Wait until the scheduled date of your period and if it is late, take a blood test or a urine test. If your period is irregular, wait at least 21 days after unprotected sex before taking a pregnancy test.

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