Love Is Blind: Netflix's new binge-worthy 'experiment' that has us wanting more

Nowadays it's hard to imagine going on a date with someone, without seeing every single one of their Instagram or Facebook photos (not including the ones they posted on Tinder).

This generation of tech-savvy singles has found their own way to date and usually, it involves a whole lot of social media sleuthing and swiping past hundreds of faces they deem 'unworthy'. Or you could always just apply for Love Islandand see how that works out...

Well, Netflix's new reality tv show Love Is Blind is turning this new dating trend on its head. Instead of mindlessly swiping through potential matches, skimming bio's and rarely getting past the first picture, they figured they would remove the visuals entirely.

15 men and 15 women enter the house where they are restricted from using any of their devices, the point is to, within 3 weeks, find, court and propose to the love of their life. The catch... they never see the others face until one says 'I do!'

The participants only interact with potential love interests via a small, albeit comfortable looking room known as a 'pod'. Their potential partner is on the other side of a thin wall and they can only interact with each other by talking.

The show is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey but we won't ruin everything for you quite yet. We'd like to give you a chance to watch this captivating show for yourself. The results might surprise you!

Do you think this is something you could try? Would you have the guts to say yes to marry someone you've never seen, touched or even smelt before? Tune in and see if anyone does!

There’s a ‘New Love Island’ on Netflix – But There’s One Big Twist There’s a ‘New Love Island’ on Netflix – But There’s One Big Twist