'Love is Blind' season 3: Here’s all the details about the contestants

There are many ways to find love, and some people prefer to do so while the rest of the world is watching.

'Love is Blind' season 3: Here’s all the details about the contestants
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'Love is Blind' season 3: Here’s all the details about the contestants

Season three of the popular Netflix series Love Is Blind returns with 30 selected singles from various backgrounds to be matched with their ideal partners. Love is Blind is a reality show that premiered in February 2020 and features single men and women meeting and falling in love before meeting in person.

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Meet the cast of Season 3

Some gorgeous men and women have already been selected to be paired with each other if there is a spark between them. Here's everything you need to know about them, including age, likes, socials, and all the nitty gritty, as reported by Harper's Bazaar.

1. Alexia

She is 27-year-old insurance company owner, admits to being stubborn but is working to loosen up. She joined the Love Is Blind(LIB) cast in order to find love in a way that 'eliminates the superficial.' Her celebrity couple aspirations? Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Instagram: @alexaalfia

2. Amanda

Amanda, 31, describes herself as 'very expressive' and 'terrible at communicating.' She wishes to find a relationship that will bring her 'joy' through travel and kindness, and she believes she is single because she 'picks the wrong guys.'

Instagram: @a_j_peterson

3. Andrew

Andrew, 30, is an operations director who posts wildlife photography on Instagram. He reveals that 'constant snuggles' is the key to his heart and that his relationship role models are his close friends who fell in 'love at first sight.'

Instagram: @a.curious.ape

4. Anthony

Anthony is 33-year-old attorney who joined LIB to try 'something different' and date without the distractions of social media, external 'perceptions,' and other impediments to love. His typical personality is that of a party animal, and chocolate chip cookies are the key to his heart.

Instagram: @lascalea

5. Ashley

Ashley, 29, is a chiropractor and equestrian says she is looking for a LIB 'best friend' and 'leader.' When it comes to love, she believes that 'good things come to those who wait,' and she refuses to 'settle' until she finds her ideal 'gentleman.'

Instagram: @dr.rander

6. Bartise

Bartise, a 27-year-old senior analyst who enjoys laughing, is looking for someone who can 'take all of his jokes' and even 'crack some back' at him. Steph and Ayesha Curry are his celebrity couple inspirations, and he believes he's still single due to 'pickiness.'

Instagram: @bartiseb

7. Brannigan

Brannigan, a 35-year-old critical care nurse, is fed up with 'F-boys.' She enjoys enjoyable hobbies such as ax throwing and cake decorating, and she wishes to settle down with someone who is not intimidated by her achievements.

Instagram: @branni_boom1913

8. Brennon

Brennon who is a 32-year-old water treatment engineer has noted that he's outspoken and looking for someone who can 'take charge.' He also hopes to find a 'authentic' partner who is interested in sharing their culture and values with him.

Instagram: @brennonlemieux

9. Charita

Charita, is a 35-year-old makeup artist who also enjoys cooking. She says she has been dealing with unfulfilling 'situations' and emotionally unavailable men. She's looking for someone on LIB who is smart, funny, and communicative.

Instagram: @thecharnicole

10. Chelsey

Chelsey, a 27-year-old customer success manager, describes herself as a 'outgoing' and 'versatile' woman who enjoys culture, the outdoors, and 'working on her plants.' She's looking for someone with a 'silly' personality who will make her 'light up.'

Instagram: @chelly_lately

11. Cole

The 27-year-old realtor who describes himself as 'crazy and weird,' and promises to 'bring entertainment' to a relationship. His biggest pet peeve is a 'bad driver,' and he's looking for a loyal and encouraging woman 'who lives in faith with God.'

Instagram: @colebrennanbarnett

12. Colleen

Colleen, 26, is a ballet dancer and digital PR strategist who believes that when she meets 'the one,' she will have a 'instant feeling.' Her longest relationship lasted nearly five years, and she hopes that the experiment will 'remove the daily distractions' that get in the way of true love.

Instagram: @jellybean.colleen

13. Dakota

Dakota is an aerospace engineer who cites his 'welcoming personality,' selflessness, and drive as his best qualities as a partner. He's looking for a love like the one his parents have had for the last 40 years. He is 32-years-old.

Instagram: @dakotaeasley

14. Dale

Dale, who is also 32-years-old, is a cybersecurity student who joined LIB for 'good conversations' and a break from modern-day dating fatigue. He believes the hallmark of a great relationship is 3 a.m. chats.

Instagram: @i_am_dale89

15. DaVonté

DaVonté, a 29-year-old fitness development coach, jokes that he 'works out way too much.' His typical type is also 'fitness-loving,' and he considers 'adventure' to be the hallmark of a good relationship. He also looks up to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and aspires to 'set a new standard for marriage' himself.

Instagram: @black_sparrow23

16. Jess

Jess, 30, is a senior event producer who despises 'games' in dating and prefers someone who is humble. Her love language is acts of service, and she seeks compromise and friendship in a relationship. She also says it 'drives her insane' when someone doesn't know what they want or how to express their desires.

Instagram: @random_life_of_jess

17. Julian

Julian is a 34-year-old managing director of operations whose main hobbies include reading books, trying out new restaurants, and 'sand volleyball.' His deal breaker is if his future spouse 'isn’t well read,' and he wants to break his habit of 'trying to date the most physically attractive girls who were inherently wrong for him.'

Instagram: @jjt103

18. Kalekia

After three 'preoccupied' years of full-time work as an ICU practitioner and graduate school, Kalekia, 31, is ready to focus on dating. She wishes for her ideal partner to be kind, sincere, and communicative.

Instagram: @kaleek1908

19. Kim

A teacher and coach who is tired of the 'endless ritual of online dating'. 'Poor communication' is her dating pet peeve, and she hopes to find someone who is willing to 'go with the flow.' She also claims that her ideal partner would be excited to meet her on a patio for drinks and to watch a game with her. Kim is 30-years-old.

Instagram: @thekimepidemic2

20. Loren

Loren is a 36-year-old medical device representative who loves hiking, traveling, doing yoga, and playing her music 'so loud.' She says the keys to her heart are vulnerability, adventure, and pancakes.

Instagram: @lorenlangenbeck

21. Matt

Matt is a 28-year-old private charter sales executive, he is golf enthusiast, and self-described 'morning person.' He was previously in a 10-year relationship and is looking for someone to 'break down [his] walls and allow [him] to open up again.' He also admires his mother and stepfather's love.

Instagram: @matt_bolton24

22. Nancy

Real estate investor Nancy, who is 32-years-old, says that her number one priority in a relationship is making sure she and her partner can be 'kind and genuine' to each other. She's looking for someone who is 'spontaneous' and ready to jump into an adventure with her, and her biggest pet peeve is 'guys who are rude to customer service employees.'

Instagram: @thenancyrodriguez

23. Nash

Nash is a 34-year-old realtor desiring to meet someone who wants to be an 'equal partner.' He loves bar trivia and beach volleyball, and says the key to his heart is 'warm apple pie.'

Instagram: @buehlern

24. Raven

29-year-old Raven is a pilates instructor who has admitted she’s 'always late to everything.' She's looking for someone intelligent and responsible to marry, and her relationship inspiration is Barack and Michelle Obama.

Instagram: @pilatesbodyraven

25. Simmer

Simmer, 27, is amarketing technology director who claims he is still single because he hasn't 'put [himself] out there enough.' He wants someone who will 'help him grow' and whom he can nurture as they work together to build a 'empire.'

Instagram: @simmer_down_bajwa

26. Sikiru

Sikiru, whom people affectionately call 'SK,' is a 34-year-old Nigerian data engineer who says he loves to snack and has had a lifetime of 'unconventional' experiences. Though he 'enjoys the finer things in life,' he's wary of people who are 'too materialistic.' He says he's looking for a 'boss lady' and is excited to fall in love with his partner's mind before their appearance.

Instagram: @sk4ever2

27. Tony

Tony, the 34-year-old medical device sales rep, says he's looking for a 'teammate.' His longest relationship was 10 years, and his number one dating pet peeve is a person who's 'rude and pretentious.'

28. Valerie

Valerie, a 35-year-old dermatologist, says she loves baking, hiking, surfing, and songwriting. She joined LIB in search of a 'soul mate' with whom she can connect deeply, and her biggest dating pet peeve is 'lack of accountability.'

Instagram: @valerietruong

29. Zach

Zach is a 29-year-old medical student who works as an interior quality control manager. His motive for joining LIB is to remove the 'physical' from dating and 'let someone know who he truly is.' He has also been single for more than four years and says he has 'high standards.'

Instagram: @iamzachgordon

30. Zanab

Zanab, the 32-year-old realtor, dreams of a loyal spouse, one who is ambitious, loving, and taller than her in heels. She admits to being 'picky AF,' and she's searching for a partner she can love forever.

Instagram: @zanabjaffrey

Season 3 premier and finale

TV Insidernoted that season three of Love is Blind premiered on Wednesday, October 19, with four episodes. The 30 new singles have been introduced to viewers as they enter the pods in the hopes of becoming engaged. From the first day of the experiment to the couple saying 'I do' or 'don't' at the altar, viewers will witness the romances blossom and perhaps those that will hit the rocks in the future.

The season three finale will be premiering on 9th November.

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Netflix's 'Love is Blind' season 3: Here's everything you need to know Netflix's 'Love is Blind' season 3: Here's everything you need to know