Love is Blind: This is how the pods are designed to create love connections

From all indications, beautiful love stories occasionally brew in the Love is Blind pods. But how?

Love is Blind: This is why love in Netflix's pods creates connections you never imagined.
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Love is Blind: This is why love in Netflix's pods creates connections you never imagined.

Love is Blind couples have married and are currently living happily ever after. But can this be the story for all those who find themselves in the pods? Are all singles seeking love finding it in the pods? What are the odds that they are going to be engaged and, subsequently, married like they dream of?

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So far, ten episodes of the popular Netflix dating reality show have been released. The hit show is exceptional compared to others. It allows contestants to go on numerous blind dates in order to find their true love. They are left to pursue a lasting love connection without meeting each other physically.

Love is Blind pods explained

The pods, according to the producers, are an essential component of the reality show Love Is Blind. To ensure the success of the social experiment, 30 people from various backgrounds are chosen.

These singles meet each other behind a wall in a small room known as a pod. This allows cast members to test the watersand get to know each other in a variety of ways. Some the techniques they use include themed dates, snuggling up in blankets, and the ultimate drink from Love Is Blind's famous gold goblets, as they become acquainted with the person behind the wall.

Most love-matched reality shows have been chastised by fans and experts for underestimating how long these connections between strangers can last. To clarify that, according to the Independent, Love is Blind's executive producer Ally Simpson recently told CNET that,

There’s something about the pods that really just allows people to be incredibly vulnerable.

She added that there’s two primary goals when it comes to the design of the pods: They must be comfortable and they can’t be distracting.

Simpson explained that each octagonal pod contains a grey couch with earthy brown and red pillows, a circular ottoman, and dark red carpet for an overall romantic and relaxing tone. The pod's velvety walls feature small, bright streaks of lighting to compliment the one glowing blue wall, which serves as a barrier between each pod.

According to Simpson, the glowing blue wall's tone is meant to feel welcoming and even to represent the energy of the person in the adjacent pod. This makes contestants feel more connected to one another and less like they're speaking through a speaker. Simpson said,

If it was just a blank wall, you might feel like you were all alone in that room,

Another way producers try to make contestants in the pods feel closer to each other is by assisting them in planning themed dates for their potential love match. Raven Ross, a Pilates instructor, requested yoga balls in her pod in season three. Bartise Bowden requested that a bouquet of flowers and sushi be delivered to Nancy Rodriguez's apartment for their date.

Simpson went on to say that this is done to make participants feel at ease on the best date ever, while they talk for hours to get to know each other better. She added,

If you’re going to marry someone, you want to know that you can have fun with them. You want to know, do we connect over the music? When she gets her sushi, is she picky about what sauce was there or wasn’t there? You want to create those experiences to try to learn as much as you can about each other.

Couples' status

The singles on a blind love search are given only a 10-day ultimatum to find their love partners in the pods. To begin with, the social experiment dates are only 15 minutes long, but as time passes, contestants who wish to extend the time can do so with one specific person. In total, there should be about 20 dates with one person before proposing.

In season three of Love Is Blind, five couples have gotten engaged and have 28 days to decide whether or not to marry. Couples include Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden, Raven Ross and SK Alagbada, Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett, and Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed.

So far, two of the five engaged couples have boldly declared, 'I do.' Brennon and Alexa got married and now live together, and Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are also married. However the newlyweds, Matt, 28, and Colleen, 26, are currently not living together, but they intend to do so soon, according to Cosmopolitan.

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