Callum Jones shares sickly snaps revealing he thinks he's got coronavirus

Since arriving back home from South Africa, the contestants of Love Island Winter haven't gotten much time to enjoy their newfound fame due to the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus.

As couples from the winter edition of Love Island continue to drop, Callum and Molly seem as solid as ever! The two met in Casa Amor and were dumped before the last episode. Despite that, they've shown no signs of cracking and have been proving it with all the cute photos they've been posting on social media.

But it looks like the real test is just beginning! The couple have decided to shack up together for the past two weeks, going under quarantine even before the UK government imposed a lockdown on citizens.

However, Callum shared a snap yesterday that made his caused some fans to worry about his health. In the snap, we see Callum sick in bed with what appears to be symptoms of coronavirus. The Love Island star seemed exhausted as he sniffled while telling fans he wasn't feeling well.

But don't just take our word for it - earlier this week, Jones took to Instagram Live with his Love Island co-star Biggs Chris who has also been feeling sick struggling with a bad cough last week. Callum then told Biggs his concerns about having coronavirus:

I’m ill. Yeah, I think i have you know [got coronavirus], I’ve been in bed all day. I’ve got every symptom there is I think. I woke up last night just sweating. I got it today.

According to the NHS, symptoms are thought to appear between 2 and 10 days after contracting the virus, but it may be up to 24 days. 80% of people recover from this disease without any special treatment and sometimes without even noticing the contracted the disease. However, and at any age, one out of 6 people can become seriously ill and develop difficulties to breathe.

We hope that for Callum it's no other than a false alarm (or a cry for attention).

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