This is how often you should change your pillowcases

Here’s why you should be washing your pillowcases more often.

We lay our faces on the same pillowcase for hours every night, and most of us probably don’t even think about getting it cleaned more than once a month. It may seem like a hassle to get your sheets washed, but in reality it takes just a few minutes to put it in the laundry—so why do most of us neglect this rather easy chore?

If you’re guilty of sleeping on dirty pillowcases for weeks on end, you should know that there are many benefits to giving them a regular cleanse.

Glowy skin

The secret to glowy skin is not actually your pillowcase, but changing it up can definitely help if you’ve got acne-prone skin.

Bacteria can build up really quickly in pillowcases from all the external pollution, make-up, and skincare creams. Consequently, the material we lay our head on becomes infested with excess sebum, perspiration, and bacteria—all of which can aggravate pimples even more. Will washing your pillow coverings clear your skin once and for all? Probably not as well as other skincare treatments, but it will most definitely minimise breakouts.

Shiny hair

Much like your skin, your hair can also be adversely affected by a dirty pillow. When you sleep and put your head on your pillowcase, it absorbs all the sebum from the scalp, along with bacteria and dry shampoo residue. As a result, your hair will get dirtier every time you sleep on a pillowcase that is unwashed. That means you need to wash your hair more often, which will then dry it out even further. To avoid this vicious cycle, all you need to do is make sure your linens are cleaned in a timely manner.

Now that we’ve told you why it’s important to wash your pillowcases, you should probably also know how often you should get them cleaned. Ideally, it should be at least once a week. Unlike bedsheets, pillowcases normally take less space, so you can always put them in the washing machine anytime you’re doing a load of laundry!

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