Here Are Some Things You Can Do With Vaseline We Guarantee You’ve Never Thought Of

Vaseline aka petroleum jelly is commonly used as a skincare product. Its main uses are for moisturizing as well as effective healing of cuts or burns. Applying a layer of vaseline onto a cleaned wound can help speed the healing process by providing a water-proof barrier and keeping it moisturized.

That being said, you've likely had a jar of vaseline sitting in your medicine cabinet for years and still have yet to find a use for it. You may not be hurting yourself often or you figure there are better ways to treat your wounds, so now you're thinking... what do I really need this for?

Before you go throwing it away, check out some uses we've found for this underrated product that may just change your mind.

Vaseline Getty Images

Moisturize your pets dry, cracked paws (and also your own)

Petroleum jelly is great at moisturizing dry skin, whether it's your lips, hands or feet. Applying a layer before you go to bed, or even lathering up your feet and throw a pair of socks over them. This will ensure your skin gets back to its soft, moist and luscious self.

In addition to your paws, it also works great on your pets. The cold often does damage to our furry friend's paws and can cause them some discomfort or even pain. Petroleum jelly is pet friendly and great at repairing their dry, cracked paws as well!

Vaseline on the furniture?

You can remove watermarks from old wood tabletops by applying a generous coat to the affected area and letting it sit for 24 hours. Once it's had time to work into the wood, wipe away any excess and voila! Looking like new!

It's also great for restoring old leather! Forget buying expensive leather restoration products. Vaseline is a one-stop-shop for getting that old sofa or weathered car seat looking brand new! Simply work the jelly into the surface by massaging it into the leather, and wipe away the excess!

Check out our video for some more diverse uses for this amazing product!

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