Tinder: 9 tips that are guaranteed to get you great matches

There may be plenty of fish to catch in the sea of online dating, but here are nine tips that will help you widen your net.

Tinder tips and tricks
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Tinder tips and tricks

Swiping right on every profile you see may not be the best way to get good quality matches, and if you're an avid Tinder user, you probably already know that. But we’ve got nine tips that could increase your number of matches and help you connect with people on a deeper level. The expert who’s been kind enough to share these golden tricks and tips is 24-year-old Maurice Saunders.

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Who is Maurice Saunders?

According to Esquire, Saunders is one of the most popular men on Tinder, and he’s been able to get more swipes than 99% of straight male men in the United States. The magazine talked with the Tinder superstar to find out his most coveted tips and tricks to getting quality matches, in quantity. Here’s what he had to say.

9 golden tips

  1. Choose a profile picture where you are smiling. It’s the first thing people see on Tinder, so it’s important to choose the right shot. Smiling always lightens up the mood and makes a great first impression.
  2. Refrain from logging on to the app every single day. When you want to seduce someone, you don’t want to try too hard, and the same rule applies for online dating sites as well. Tinder legend Saunder admits he only goes on the app once a week.
  3. Be crisp and concise in your bio. It’s best to be clear and let the people know exactly what you are looking for. That way, you’ll match with people who understand your needs, and are looking for something similar.
  4. Don’t give away everything. You don’t need to post your whole CV on your profile! Keep your bio informative but also a little illusive. For example, Saunders only mentioned his place of birth, his current location, four interests, and posted a very, very short bio. He wrote, ‘Hit me on IG: Reesesun’.
  5. Vary your photos, let your potential Tinder matches see you in different lights—both literally and figuratively. Post shots taken in different places and angles so that they have a clear idea of what you look like.
  6. Instead of copying quotes from Google, try to be original. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t write anything too direct, and you should definitely skip the inappropriate innuendos.
  7. Once you’ve managed to successfully match up with someone, lead the conversation with a question. Show the person that you are interested in them!
  8. As cliché as it sounds, you need to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk and be open about your own passions—it’s better to let them know sooner than later.
  9. Dating is not easy, so keep the faith. If you don’t match with the person you swiped on, or if your date goes badly, it’s not the end of the world, although it may feel like it for a short period of time. Saunder says:
This person may not be the love of my life, you may not end up in a relationship, but a connection is a connection.
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