'Her daughter is the only thing keeping us going'- Caroline Crouch’s parents

Parents of murdered Brit, Caroline Couch have taken over care of her one-year old daughter who was in the room when her father suffocated his wife.

Grieving parents of Caroline Crouch who was murdered by her pilot husband in May, say their granddaughter is the ‘only thing’ that is keeping them going.

Susan and David Crouch took over the care of one-year-old Lydia after her mother was murdered by her pilot father, Charalambos 'Babis' Anagnostopoulos in her presence.

Babis—as he is commonly called— smothered his 20 year-old wife on May 11 and made up an elaborate story to cover it up, including killing the family dog.

A month after killing his wife, police picked him up at her funeral after smart devices of the couple pointed to Babis as the prime suspect.

He later confessed to the crime and admitted he ‘lost his temper’. The 33-year-old is currently awaiting sentencing.

Only mitigating factor

It is reported that little Lydia was found crying next to her mother Caroline’s body when police came to the house.

Babis had tied himself up then to corroborate his story of armed men breaking into the house.

David Crouch, 78, a retired engineer, told Daily Mail, the presence of their granddaughter in their home helps them deal with the pain of losing their daughter.

The comfort afforded to us by Lydia’s presence in the house is the one mitigating factor in this whole tragic affair...The household is centred on Lydia.

David said his wife has blocked out the tragic memory of her daughter’s death and is only focused on raising Lydia.

She treats her exactly as she treated Caroline when she was a baby. She plays with her continually when she is awake and is alert to the slightest sound when she is asleep… Unlike me, she appears to have closed her mind to it all and is now totally focused on bringing up Lydia. She does not read the media or listen to the news. She has blocked it all out.

The Crouchs are seeking sole custody of their granddaughter although they maintain a good relationship with Babis’ parents, especially his mother who calls to check on them everyday, according to David.

Caroline Crouch’s mum gave her son-in-law £17,000 days before he killed his wife Caroline Crouch’s mum gave her son-in-law £17,000 days before he killed his wife