Coroner rules Gabby Petitio’s cause of death as strangulation

A coroner has revealed that US cross-country traveller Gabby Petito’s cause of death has been reported as strangulation.

Gabby Petito took the world by storm last month after her missing person’s case turned into something much more sinister. While a coroner had previously released that Petito’s manner of death was ruled as a homicide, more information has been made available, detailing that Gabby was strangled.

Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue explained in a news conference that Gabby had been dead for three to four weeks before she was found on the 19th of September, along the border of Grand Teton National Park in northern Wyoming.

However, there is no indication yet whether this new information will lead to any charges against Petito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie, who was travelling with Petito near the time of her death and considered a person of interest. Laundrie has also been reported missing by his family since the 17th of September and still hasn’t been found.

What has happened so far in the Gabby Petito case?

Influencer Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie set out from New York on a cross-country trip to visit the US national parks. However, when Brian returned to his family home in Florida on the 1st of September, with the couple’s van, Gabby was nowhere to be seen.

Petito’s parents in New York then began to worry after not having heard from their daughter since late August and had their messages and calls to Laundrie’s family were going unanswered. The Petito’s subsequently filed a missing report for their daughter on the 11th of September.Gabby’s body was then found on the 19th, in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park,not far from where another Youtuber family had recorded seeing the couple’s supposedly empty van parked along the roadside.

Where is Brian Laundrie?

During the search for Petito, Brian Laundrie and his family had lawyered up and refused to cooperate with law enforcement. Brian was then reported missing on Friday the 17th of September after his parents explained he set off for a hike earlier that week and hadn’t been seen since. Petito’s body was discovered just days later.

While Brian still hasn’t been found, he was found guilty of unlawfully using a bank card that didn’t belong to him, allowing a warrant to be released for his arrest. Petito’s parents and lawyer spoke on Dr Phil last week, with attorney Richard Stafford claiming that the card belonged to Gabby and was used after her death.

Almost a month later, the hunt continues for Brian Laundrie, with authorities having scoured Florida’s immense Carlton Reserve where he was expected to be hiding, as well as the Fort De Soto Park in Tierra Verde where he and his family camped between the 6th to the 8th of September.

News reports are now circulating, speculating whether or not Laundrie could still be alive as predators, lack of food, and scarce clean water would prove a challenge to any survivalist. Others believe that Brian could be hiding among the public. However, there have been no new official updates on the situation so far.

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