Caroline Crouch’s mum gave her son-in-law £17,000 days before he killed his wife

Caroline Crouch’s murderer husband was given a sum of £17,000 by her mother ten days before he smothered his wife to death and staged a fake break in to cover up the crime.

Susan Dela Cuesta, mother of Caroline Crouch—who was suffocated to death by her husband—had given her son-in law a sum of £17,000 barely ten days before the incident, according to Greek media.

Babis Anagnostopoulos killed his wife in their Athens home on May 11and faked a grand robbery scene to cover up the crime.

Family lawyer working on the case, Thanassis Harmanis also asserts that Anagnostopoulos, 33, received a total of 4,400€ from his wife’s family to buy a coffin and to transport her body. The lawyer’s assertions are in response to the suspect’s claims that he paid for Caroline’s coffin.

In a statement, Harmanis said:

How much is the truth of the claim of a man who for 37 days forced the authorities to look for 3 robbers who [killed] the mother of his child and their dog? The amazing direction and unparalleled acting talent brought tears to the eyes of people with empathy.

A fatal discovery

Greek police are simultaneously investigating the finances of Crouch’s pilot husband as suspicions grow over his involvement in drug trafficking and how that discovery may have cost Caroline her life.

Greek police believe Caroline Crouch’s pilot husband may have been involved in drug smuggling to support his extravagant lifestyle. So far, investigations suggest Anagnostopoulos was likely working with drug cartels.

Suspicions over his sources of income grew when initial investigations revealed a rather lavish lifestyle which could not have been sustained by his pilot’s salary.

It emerged that the couple had recently bought a piece of land worth £47,000, and had designed a £140,000 home. They also took an expensive trip to Dubai.

There are fears that Anagnostopoulos may have killed his 20-year-old wife after she discovered this about him.

An elaborate cover up

Anagnostopoulos initially told police his wife was killed by gang men who broke into their home in northeastern Athens.

He also said they tied him up and killed the family dog before stealing money and other valuables.

But evidence from smartphones and smartwatches of both the deceased and the accused exposed many cracks in his story which eventually led him to confess.

The two started a relationship when Anagnostopoulos was 28 and Caroline 15. They got married shortly after she turned 18 and had a daughter soon after.

'Her daughter is the only thing keeping us going'- Caroline Crouch’s parents 'Her daughter is the only thing keeping us going'- Caroline Crouch’s parents