Triceratops: The sex position that stimulates the clitoris

The triceratops position is not the most famous sex position, but it ensures carnal pleasure and orgasm for those who want to perform it.

Granted, the word 'triceratops' does not immediately arouse sexual fantasies and desires. However, those who want to let themselves be tempted can experience intense orgasm in the Triceratops position.

How to practice it?

This sexual position should delight those who like to adventure in sex. Far from being difficult to perform, the Triceratops position does require a good dose of letting go. 'This sexual figure is a must if your current desire is to feel dominated,' says sex expert Ruby Payne in Cosmopolitan UK.

Stand up and 'bend over so that your stomach is parallel to the ground. Look at the floor and spread your legs,' says the sexologist. Make sure you have your arms back, along your back and 'parallel to the floor.' From there, you and your partner have the option of vaginal or anal sex. Each of these options then leaves room for fingers, sex toys and other pleasure objects.

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How does the Triceratops position feel?

This sexual position has many advantages. First of all, it leaves the field open for touching. For this, a partner with ten fingers or who can multitask is always a plus, says the expert. So your duo 'can use one of their hands to hold both of yours and use their free hand to rub or stimulate your clit.' A big bonus, we won't lie.

Secondly, if you're into BDSM, the triceratops position is 'fabulous' for people 'who like power exchanges (dominance and submission),' says Rebecca Blanton, aka Auntie Vice, co-host of the podcast Fat Chicks. It's true that letting go, letting your other half have control over your body—remember the arms pinned behind you—and penetration can provide intense pleasure.

Finally, this position does not leave you totally helpless in front of your partner. In fact, to regain control, the recipient simply needs to adjust the position of her legs to choose the degree of penetration.

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