Researchers identify four magic moves that will definitely make you orgasm

You know you’ve got to try these moves out when it’s backed by research.

Sex has always been about experimentation. You try different methods out to find out what makes you and your partner (or partners) climax. Experimentation is fun and all, but sometimes you don’t have the time to meander about, do you? Well lucky for us, researchers have found four techniques that guarantee mind blowing orgasms.

Researchers asked over 3000 women which types of vaginal penetration they enjoy the most. The data was then used to precisely define each of the techniques so that women could describe their wants and needs accurately to their partner. Co-author of the study and assistant professor in Sociology at the University of Indiana School of Medicine, Dr. Devon Hensel told Woman’s Hour:

There's such a lack of accessible language for women to talk about what they want and articulate that to their partners.
Imagine not having the language to describe what you want in other parts of life? Not being able to say, ‘I want more coriander with my guacamole’ or ‘I want more whipped cream on my hot chocolate?’

Aren’t we glad someone finally put women’s orgasms first. Now, without further ado let’s get to what we actually want to know. What are these four magic moves?


This is when you start rotating, raising, or lowering your pelvis to adjust the angle at which the penis is penetrating the vagina so that it hits the golden spot. The study found that was the most pleasurable form of vaginal penetration, with a titillating 87.5% of women admitting that this really does work for them.


Coming in a close second is shallowing—which got the approval of 84% of the women. Some people love to be teased in bed, and this technique is all about pleasure and a little fun. Instead of full penetration, here your partner will be playing around with the entrance of the vagina with their fingers, a toy, penis, tongue, or lips.


Rocking is a technique that was preferred by 76% of the respondents. It is a technique in which the base of the penis, or sex toy, rubs against the clitoris. Instead of thrusting in and out, the penis remains all the way inside the vagina, while the body rocks back and forth to brush the clit.


Finally, 67% of women said they enjoyed pairing. This is kind of a two-in-one technique where you are being penetrated, while your clitoris is getting stimulated at the same time. You can either do a solo pairing, which is when you fondle your clitoris with your fingers or a toy, or partner pairing—which is when your partner does it instead.

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