Kama Sutra: This effortless sex position guarantees intense pleasure

If you want effortless pleasure, this sex position is tailor-made for you.

Crazy wild sex doesn’t always guarantee pleasure, and to be honest, we’re not always in the mood for it either. Some nights (or days), doing the bare minimum is just enough, as long as we’re hitting the right spot. Now, there are several positions that fit the bill, like missionary, spooking, and doggy style—but if you want to try out something completely different while being in your comfort zone, you need to try the butterfly position.

How to replicate the butterfly position

Known as ‘The Blossoming Position’ in Kama Sutra, this sex move is ideal for people who want great sex but don’t want to break a sweat. It’s also accessible to people in all kinds of relationships, and it’s sex-toy friendly!

To start with, the partner who is going to be penetrated, either through the vagina or the anus, will lie flat on their back with their butt at the very edge of the bed.

The partner who is penetrating, with their fingers, penis, or a toy, will stand at the edge of the bed. They will take the legs of the person lying down, put it on their shoulders, and they should then be able to slip their instrument in quite easily. Of course, you should always adjust your position depending on the height of your bed and the height of the participants, but usually it’s quite an easy position to replicate.

Different variations

The reason why this position is an all-time favourite is that it comes in so many different variations that will give you different degrees of pleasure. For example, the partner getting penetrated can put both their legs on one shoulder for a more intense penetration, or they can even criss-cross their legs to see how it feels!

Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure