How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship

How can you make sure you are not sexually starved in a long distance relationship? What can you do to spice it up?

It could be quite frustrating being in a long distance relationship, especially if those involved are very sexually active people. Admit it, you get tired and bored of saying the routine ‘I miss you’ or ‘I can’t wait to see you’ to your partner, so what are the things you can do to keep the spark going even with the distance constraints in the relationship? Here are a few tips that could help you

Explore your fantasies

Being away from your partner gives you enough time to fantasize about how you would want to be loved by them. You can think of all the possible ways you would like to make love to them as well. Acknowledge what turns you on, your intimate desires and mentally and physically explore them so that you can accurately describe how you would like to be pleased when you eventually meet your significant other.

Phone sex is a great way you can both get to release the tension that distance places on the relationship. You get to hear your partner moan and masturbate while you do the same with them. This gives both of you pleasure simultaneously and the feeling is usually quite close to having physical intimacy. Decide on a time that works best for both of you and make sure you are both relaxed. Remember, there is no shame in having sex with your partner over the phone, so don’t be shy to go all the way when you tease.

Get wild, be naughty

Get naughty by sending your partner nudes if you're comfortable with doing so and if it turns them on. A little cleavage or sensual lingerie pictures are sure to keep your partner’s mind racing during the day till they eventually meet for a video session with you. Keep the flame burning by doing this especially when they don’t expect it. The thought of experiencing everything they see will definitely keep them constantly thinking about you. Dress seductively for your partner, send them short videos that will give them a smirk on their face in the middle of a business meeting, for example.

When you eventually have time for virtual sex sessions, try new things together such as sex toys or role plays. Masturbate together, it sure feels good when you know you derive pleasure from your partner and you give them pleasure in turn. Share intimate stories with your partner whenever you can. This increases the bond you both have for each other. Learn about your partner’s emotional needs as well. This helps in putting them in the right frame of mind whenever they are stressed. Long distance relationships do not have to be boring, go ahead and spice it up!

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