9 exciting ways to spice up missionary sex

Missionary is the comfort food of sex; it’s great, but it’s not always exciting. Luckily, there are many ways you can spice things up.

Missionary sex provides intimacy, eye contact and ample opportunity for kissing, but it’s also one of the first positions we ever learn, and it can quickly become rather monotonous. But, missionary sex doesn’t have to be boring. If this position hasn’t been doing it for you lately, there are few things you can do to spice it up.

1. Try raised missionary

Prop a pillow under your butt and have the partner on top grind on your clitoris with circular hip motions; they may have to get up on their knees for this! To make it even better, lift your legs and pull your partner closer with your feet.

2. Change up the speed and weight

To make missionary a little more romantic, try taking it extra slow or even alternating the speeds; this can help you and your partner to relax into the moment. Also, you and your partner could even try alternating where you put your weight. Have the person on top switch between putting their weight on their hands or forearms; you could even try sitting up!

3. Introduce toys

Missionary is all about penetration, but so many women struggle to orgasm through intercourse alone. So, try adding some sex toys to the mix. Wearable vibrators are a great way to introduce stimulation for both parties. Otherwise, try lying on your back with your hips at the edge of the bed and have your partner stand up to penetrate you. This will give you enough room to introduce any other handheld toys that tickle your fancy. Or you could just use your hands!

4. The X Spot

If your partner is a little too well endowed and you need to give your cervix a bit of a break, try the X spot. Just get into a normal missionary position and then have your partner angle them 45 degrees to one side, so your bodies form an X. This position will help reduce the depth of penetration.

5. Have your partner stand up

You don’t have to take missionary lying down, have your partner stand up! Lie down on the edge of the bed and throw your legs up in the air. Then, have your partner stand up to penetrate you while they take control of your legs. They can push your legs towards your chest, spread them or even push them together, whatever you enjoy most.

6. Try the CAT method

Have you heard of the coital alignment method, aka CAT? In this missionary variation, have your partner move up so that their hips are sitting higher than yours. Once inside you, have your partner lift their hips and grind against your clit for extra stimulation!

7. Lock those legs up

To really enhance the sensations of missionary, try having both your and your partner lie with your legs closed. This position is also fantastic for those days when you’re just feeling a little lazy because you can spice it up without much movement, just grind your hips, and your eyes will be sure to roll back in your head.

8. Throw those legs over their shoulders

Another classic method to mix up missionary is to swing your legs up over your partner’s shoulders. This position is excellent for deep penetration. You can go even deeper if you let them grab your hips for leverage.

9. What about dulling the senses?

Changing angles, speeds and introducing extra stimulation may increase pleasure, but how about taking some of the senses away? By using a blindfold, you take the sense of sight away, but all other senses increase, making missionary sex feel extra sensational.

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