Prince William and Kate Middleton posted an adorable photo with a new year message

The duke and the duchess of Cambridge celebrated new year’s with Kate’s family this year and wished people on social media.

Prince William and Kate sent out a Happy New Year message on social media, along with a photo of themselves dressed to the nines. The couple looked ready to greet the year 2022. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were photographed in the rear of a car beaming with joy.

Prince William and Kate's social media pages shared a beautiful photo of the pair holding hands and laughing on New Year's Eve, along with a message that read:

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 🎆.

New Year with Middletons

After spending Christmas in Norfolk, it is believed that William and Kate had gone to Kate's family in West Berkshire to celebrate New Year. They also celebrated their first New Year as a married couple with the Middletons ten years ago. It only seems fair as Kate has a busy year ahead, she will be celebrating her 40th birthday this January.

Reportedly, she usually spends her birthdays with her family in privacy. Meaning, this year is not going to be any different as well. It is unlikely that the duchess will hold a spectacular party. According to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, Kate's birthday on January 9 is expected to be low-key.

Low-key birthday

Even though Kate’s birthday plans have not yet been made public, it is understood that it will be a private event. Duncan speculated and said,

Kate and William are not the sort to go away to celebrate on their own and leave the kids at home.
I think the same will apply to Kate’s birthday as it does to Christmas - it will be low key and it will be focused entirely on the family.

Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday in August by releasing a glamorous comedic video with Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy, in which she announced the establishment of a new initiative called 40x40. Kate Middleton is not expected to follow the suit and announce an extensive campaign. Duncan added,

I’d be very surprised if she does announce anything.
She’s unlikely to because, firstly, it’s just not her way and secondly because of the obvious comparisons with Meghan and this awful continuation of one-upmanship that the palace is so keen to avoid.
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