This is the real danger behind having sex in the shower

Who said that having sex in the shower was all fun and games? It’s a fantasy for many but, in reality, it’s not actually as good as you’d think.

This is the real danger behind having sex in the shower
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To spice up their sex life, some couples try having sex in new places, like in the sea, just to rekindle the flame and excitement. Lots of people like getting intimate in the shower, but it’s not always a real pleasure. What about when you’re up against the tiles or if you slide a little and slam against the showerhead?

Or even worse, what about when you’re having sex in the bath? If you don’t have a jacuzzi, it all becomes a bit comical. You’re glued together like two bars of soap and you have to find the right technique so that you don’t get stuck or bump against the tap. Plus, lubricants don’t work under flowing water. Finally, having sex in the shower is never like how they show it in movies… You risk fracturing something, one of you will eventually get cold and the small space won't help. Come on, let’s just get under the sheets!