These Signs Will Tell You if You Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Have you ever been in a relationship but can't help but wonder where it will all lead? These signs will tell you if the relationship you're in is just a pastime for your partner.

You're in a relationship, but you have a feeling that for them, it may only be a temporary fix for being alone and it doesn't feel like real love. Sometimes having thoughts like these about your partner can, and they should always be taken seriously. Have a quick look at your own relationship. We'll give you seven signs to look out for that prove your partner really isn't that attached to you.

1. They show no real interest in you

Your partner is not trying to get to know you better or to build a closer relationship with you. Moreover, he asks questions that are never really personal, as if he is not interested in knowing who you are as a person.

So in the end, they don't really know your taste, your personality, and the two of you never really build a strong bond. They practically never seek to talk to you to get to know you better.

2. Your relationship is not real

The way to look at this is that your partner feels more like a roommate than a real romantic partner. In which you share almost everything, however, you live your separate lives and hardly ever do anything together.

3. Your partner criticizes everything you do

Does your partner constantly criticize you? That means that they don't appreciate you for who you are. Also, they don't really know you and are not seeking to know you better. Instead, they constantly criticize you with the aim of turning you into the person they want you to be.

4. You only understand each other in bed

Between the sheets may be the only time you feel truly connected. And that's where you should ask yourself the big question. Yes, sex is an important part of a relationship and is absolutely indispensable, but it is part of a much bigger picture. If the moments in bed are the only intimate ones, then there is a problem.

5. They never involve you in their plans

You are together, yes. But you do not share common goals. You have no common direction and you do not make plans for your relationship. You just let things happen.

6. You feel neglected

You don't feel that you are a priority for your partner. You are always second in their life, like an accessory they use only when they're feeling like it.

7. You're not able to express yourself freely

You receive no attention and everything you say bounces off them like talking to a deaf person. Once you find the right words to say, they have no answer and you feel neither heard nor understood.

When you find yourself in these seven points, do not waste any more time. Take off quickly and find someone who shows a true interest in you and sees you for who you are.

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