Have you heard of the glowing triangle sex position?

Allow us to illuminate you about the ‘glowing triangle’ sex position, which is a variant of missionary!

When it comes to sex, it’s a shame to always stick to the same positions! Plus, there are many augmented versions of classic Kama Sutra positions. This is the case when it comes to doggy-style, but also with the classic (and very effective) missionary position. The augmented version is called ‘the glowing triangle.’

How does it work?

You lie on your back and instead of leaving your legs in a horizontal position as if you were in the classic missionary position, bend your legs and lift them as high as possible using your pelvis and abs, hence the name ‘triangle.’

The glowing triangle is a little more active, but it will provide you with more pleasure since the angle of penetration is wider and deeper. Have your partner enter you gradually so as not to cause you any pain. Your partner then also has easier access to your clitoris, which he can caress with his hands.

But by trying out the glowing triangle, it is not just the clitoris which is accessible, and good thing! Your partner also has access to your neck, lips, and chest. These are erogenous zones that should not be neglected and which will increase your pleasure. The glowing triangle also allows the two lovers to look each other straight in the eyes and see the mounting excitement… very sexy!

She leads

This version of the missionary position allows the woman to manage the rhythm and angle of the action, for maximum control and pleasure! And yes, this is due to the fact that the woman is slightly elevated and can better manoeuvre her pelvis.

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