Does your body change after having anal sex? Here's the answer

Are there any repercussions to having anal sex that can negatively affect our bodies in the long run?

Having anal intercourse is already more widespread than we think in couples of all kinds. However, there are still a lot of taboos and false rumours surrounding this practice that we must clear up. The most important thing is to enjoy it safely!

The basics of anal sex

We could basically define anal sex as the intimate practice in which the penis (or any sexual device) is introduced into the anus of another person. But, by practising this type of sex, are there any consequences, negative or positive, that might alter our bodies in the long run?

To keep the answer short—no. If done right, meaning with consent, safety and precaution your body should not be altered in any way shape or form. This type of act should be done more carefully to avoid tearing and, as in all types of penetration, it is important to use a condom to prevent STDs. Taking care of ourselves while we enjoy it is fundamental!

Some tips and tricks to consider

Now, once we are clear about these basic points, it is important to know that anal can have very temporary changes to our bodies but these will fade away in no time. For instance, we may have a more swollen or more uncomfortable anal area a few days after the encounter, but in principle, it is something that should not affect the way your body looks or functions in the long term.

In addition, it is important to know that the size of the anus does not change with this practice. The area in question is elastic enough to dilate appropriately to ensure pleasure and what could be a very intensely powerful orgasm. It will return to its original size eventually.

The most important thing in order to enjoy anal sex is to avoid painful penetrations, use specific lubricants to make it as comfortable as possible and condoms, something we will never stop repeating!

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