Breakups: Why you should never text your ex, according to science

Feeling consumed by the urge to text your ex back? Don't do it! According to science, this is why you feel the need to, and why you shouldn't!

The holidays, kisses under the mistletoe, Instagram photos of happy couples on the other side of the world... You're almost wondering if you should call your ex back? Stop everything and don't do it! It's a terrible idea, and science can back this one up!

Why you shouldn't call your ex back

There is nothing simple about a breakup. We often go through several phases: denial (why did you/he/she leave?) and then acceptance (you are ready to refocus on yourself and your desires). So why is it that once you've gone through these stages, you still want to contact your ex? The reason is simple: the feeling of loneliness. However, it is the worst mistake to make, and it is Science that says so!

According to experts, there is one very good reason why you shouldn't call your former partner back. The answer was formulated following an American study conducted on 180 people. Published in the Journal of Social and Personal, the study concludes that the reason why a person reconnects with his or her former partner is not true love, but the loss of self-confidence. There's absolutely nothing romantic about that, if you ask us.

Learn to love yourself before others

So, to remedy this emptiness and sadness, there is one very efficient solution to this, and it is also quite simple when you think about it; (re)learn to love and trust yourself. Easy to say rather than to do? Perhaps. However, there are keys to progressively regaining confidence.

One thing you can start by doing is simply working out. The dopamines you will be releasing will not only make you appreciate yourself on the outside but have you feeling good on the inside as well.

Then, set yourself realistic goals; one's that you know are feasible and will make a significant difference in your life. Also, don't forget to reach out to loved ones when you are feeling blue. Accept yourself and your mistakes. Finally, blocking your ex will do you a favour!

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