4 signs that you are sexually compatible

Compatibility is not necessarily only about love, it can also be sexual! Read more to find out if you are sexually compatible with your partner.

When a couple is happy, they are also happy in bed. Yes, sex plays an important role in a relationship and unfortunately, if you don't have a blast in bed, chances are your relationship will fall apart.

To find out if you're sexually compatible with your partner, follow the points below and get your answers.

Trust is key

Trust is essential for a healthy relationship. This also applies to your sexual relationship. Trust is built up from the very beginning. A mutual respect for each other’s body should prevail in a healthy sexual relationship.

The partner should ensure that he/she respects consent and uses protection. Obtaining and requesting consent demonstrates respect for yourself and your partner. Communication is crucial, and it removes any sense of entitlement that one may have for the other.

Whereas, protections are 98% effective and can dramatically reduce the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.

Urge is constant

In a relationship, the sexual tension is constantly palpable. You can heat each other up with a simple look and do it for hours on end. Your chemistry is such that you can't get enough.

Well, it's only natural, because you're so good together.

Sex is for pleasure, not an obligation

When the relationship is well established, sex should always have a special place. It should not be a chore to be done to please the other person. It should be a shared moment that you both enjoy. Generally, people who are good together always want to have sex,unless it is an extreme emergency.

Remember that a refusal does not necessarily mean that your partner no longer loves you, and a no is still a no, there is no room to force it.

You go on adventures

New experiences—and we mean during sex—don't scare you, rather it’s quite the opposite. The doors to a world are open, and you have only one desire: to go through them and enjoy the pleasure together.

A multitude of crazy ideas cross your mind, and you don't hesitate to talk about them with your partner. Now that's adventure! Your only limit? Yourself!

With these points, you can answer whether you are sexually compatible with your partner. But, definitely don’t beat yourself up, if you're not. It can change. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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