The Shape Of Your Ear Could Reveal Something Surprising About You

The Shape Of Your Ear Could Reveal Something Surprising About You

The site Sympa-sympa shared data that tells us what connection our ears have with our internal organs.

Our ears say more about us than we can imagine. Did you know that our ears never change shape and continue to grow from our birth well into old age? They also serve as identification, as a fingerprint.

The shape of our ears can also show if we are of recessive or dominant genetics. If your earlobe is attached to your neck, your genetics are recessive; whereas if your lobe is hanging, you are dominant.

They also help to indicate if we are affected by coronary heart disease. For that, it is enough to see if you have a wrinkle on your earlobe - see exactly what this looks like in the video above.

Different health problems detectable only by ear

If your ears are very pale, you may be low on vitamins and calcium. If they have a red colour, pay attention to kidney problems and if they are of a very intense red colour, you should pay attention to brain diseases.

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Auricular reflexology can solve some of these problems with precise pressure on certain points in our ears. This method makes it possible to see the link between these points’ positioning and the silhouette of a baby in fetal position. Thanks to precise pressure, it is then possible to cure headaches for example. But the simplest thing is to consult an expert in this field of reflexology.

Take a look at the video above for more... 

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