Thousands of households to get vouchers worth up to £225 to help with cost of living crisis

This comes as part of the Household Support Fund, which has been extended.

Household Support Fund £225
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Household Support Fund £225

Many Brits have been feeling the effects of the economic situation in the UK, and as we edge further into 2024 the government is giving some help to those who need it. Thousands of households will receive some financial aid as the Household Support Fund has been made available to councils. The fund is worth £421 million and households could get up to £225 each in the form of vouchers.

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We’ve already written about the DWP’s £737 boost to people with these 25 health conditions, and now we’ll detail what you need to know about the Household Support Fund. Here’s how the cash is dispersed and who is eligible.

How the money is paid

The Household Support Fund was due to close in March, but as many people are still struggling - Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced we are in a recession - it has been extended. The fund will now be available until September.

The cash has been divided up between local councils in England and will be dispersed from there. This means that eligibility varies depending on where you live, but Medway council has already opened applications. Let’s take a look at their process, which should give an idea as to what to expect for the rest of the country.

Eligibility for Medway

Medway is a borough in Kent, and their applications are open. The council is offering supermarket vouchers, school uniform vouchers and energy cards or vouchers to those who qualify for help. The supermarket vouchers will be sent by email, and their value will change depending on who lives in a home. They can be printed or scanned from a phone in most big supermarkets. Here’s a list of what you can expect, based on the occupants of the household:

  • Single person: £65
  • Household with two people: £85
  • Household with three people: £115
  • Household with four people: £155
  • Household with five people: £190
  • Household with six or more people: £225

The school uniform voucher has a consistent value of £100 for every school age child. As for energy, those who pay through a prepayment meter could see their application referred to the Fuel Bank Foundation. This organisation would then send £36 to help cover the cost of energy bills. For electricity costs, claimants may receive an energy card worth £100 or an e-voucher with the same value.

To be eligible, you have to be a resident of the council, over 16 years of age, and have less than £500 in your bank account. You don’t have to be on benefits to apply.

When you are getting your application ready, be sure to look out your National Insurance Number and latest bank statements for all accounts held in your household - not just your own.

If you are unsure whether your local council offers cash under the Household Support Fund, you can check their website.

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