This man is spending £180K in a drastic move to avoid the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has hit everyone meaning that we are all trying to find solutions to relieve the pressure on our wallets. This man may have found the solution…

This man has found the perfect way to escape the cost of living crisis, but it comes at a hefty price
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This man has found the perfect way to escape the cost of living crisis, but it comes at a hefty price

The cost of living crisis is something that has impacted people across the country in different ways. This ongoing situation has made people reevaluate many things, from their grocery shopping habits to how to heat up their homes.

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For some people, these are very difficult times and we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to escape it. Mail Online reports of one man who has taken the big leap and decided to call it quits on suffering because of the current state of our economy.

His solution is a bit drastic but it could be just enough to give us some things to think about.

Going away for three years

According to Daily Mailan engineer called Adam has taken the decision to remove himself from the country in order to escape the cost of living crisis. Adam’s solution might sound extreme but wait until you listen to his reasoning.

Adam has chosen to go on a three year cruise that will take him all around the world. Adam, who is in his late 40s will start his journey next November.

He explained to Mail Online:

I've been through a few life-changing events recently. I sort of thought "I've had enough of this"

Indeed, Mail Online reports that Adam made this decision following health issues as well as a breakup. Add that to the cost of living crisis… we understand his choice to leave everything behind.

For him this is also the chance to see some of his dreams come true like seeing Antarctica. Moreover, Adam explains that the passengers of the cruise are not obliged to stay onboard throughout the whole journey. He explains:

Residents, as we are called, are not tied to the ship. What I mean by this is that if we choose to go on some sort of land trip we are able to do so and meet the ship at another destination.

The cost of this escape

However, Adam’s choice doesn’t come for a cheap price. Indeed, Mail Online reports that the price for this three year cruise starts at ‘£60,000 per year.’ This price includes cooked meals, entertainment and housekeeping. According to Adam the ship also has a spa, a gym and a cinema. All that while travelling to many destinations which would usually, independently, cost thousands of pounds.

For Adam, who at first thought the cruise was a scam, this decision makes sense for his budget. Indeed he believes that paying for the cruise will be about the same price as living at home. Moreover, Adam is currently in talks with his work so that he can continue to make money while on board.

Finally, if you are considering going, Mail Online reports that on average, people in the UK spent ‘£27,497 a year’ on ‘food, energy, housing, transport and leisure.’ However, while this number is significantly lower than the price of the cruise, the rise in taxes as well as energy bill is set to be raising it. And the rise of the cost of living is not something that Adam will have to worry about anymore as his cruise comes with a ‘fixed cost.’

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