Russia’s Kremlin is convinced that Germany is acquiring its own nuclear weapons

A Russian political scientist provides insight into the fact that there are talks in Russia about the threat of a German nuclear bomb.

Currently, an essay by the Russian political scientist Timofey Bordachev is causing an uproar: the text entitled Europe and the Atomic Bomb, which appeared on the website of the Valdai Discussion Club, is about Germany's nuclear armament under the guise of Europe.

Russia is convinced of Germany's nuclear armament

For Russia's most influential political scientist, the 100-billion-euro package is clear evidence that Germany is militarising and rearming. It is also intended to support the German armed forces. Timofey Bordachev writes:

For the rest of humanity, it is the greatest source of military threats.

Germany would acquire its own nuclear weapons

With Russia's attack on Ukraine on February 24, Germany has changed its tone, according to Bordachev. Europe is arming itself and Germany, in particular, is the focus of the article:

In a situation where the European world order is in such a massive crisis that radical military solutions have become possible, the most natural solution may indeed be for Germany to acquire its own nuclear weapons.
Many German politicians are now showing their determination to confront Russia, not only in relation to Ukraine but also in a broader geographical and temporal framework.

It is a worrying picture that Russia has of Germany. But the fact is that in Europe, France is the only nuclear power. The rest of the EU member states have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which prevents them from developing nuclear weapons, as Focus reports.

Europe's history with nuclear weapons

Europe has chosen a non-violent path in security for the last few decades, but nuclear weapons have historically had their place in Europe for almost 60 years, according to the website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Special weapons have been stored in the Federal Republic since the Cold War. At times, according to historians, the USA kept around 5,000 nuclear weapons in Germany.

Today, Germany has aircraft carriers for American nuclear weapons. In the event of an attack, German pilots of the Bundeswehr would bring the nuclear weapons to the target.

A total of over 100 nuclear weapons are to be stored in six NATO countries. Around twenty of these are to be stationed in Büchel, Rhineland-Palatinate, in case of emergency.

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