Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man who carries nuclear controls briefcase in critical condition

Vladimir Putin is often followed by a man holding a briefcase, which is highly important as it contains nuclear controls, and the man is in critical condition.

If you have been following the news surrounding the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, you’ll know he has threatened nuclear war. The Russian leader is often tailed by a man holding a briefcase. Many might assume it is one of his many bodyguards, in reality, the man is actually carrying nuclear controls.

Nuclear controls in a briefcase

Vadim Zimin, 53, the retired Federal Security Service colonel, has been responsible for guarding the briefcase containing nuclear controls, according to Unilad.

Indeed it is believed that this briefcase contains the codes to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. This briefcase always accompanies the Russian President. The briefcase has a personalised key code and is constantly supervised by three people.

Putin has often ‘taunted’ the West by always having the briefcase visible during public appearances as reported by Mirror.

Vadim Zimin in critical condition

According to Russian media, the former colonel is alive but in critical condition. Unilad reports that Zimin was found in a pool of blood after receiving a wound to the head and multiple gunshot wounds.

Zimin was discovered by his brother, who claimed to be in the bathroom at the time. Later an Izh 79-9TM pistol was found by authorities not far from the crime scene.

Zimin was under house arrest as he faces a criminal investigation for ‘alleged bribe-taking’ after he joined the customs service in a senior role, as reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets, a Moscow-based daily newspaper.

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