COVID cases show first signs of stabilising before the unlocking

New data has revealed that the overall rates of COVID-19 cases in the UK are coming down. Although at a slower pace than last time.

Despite the cases still remaining too high around the country, experts believe that a shift can be seen and the Delta variant rise could be starting to diminish. According to Tim Spector, OBE, lead scientist and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, the rate is slower this time.

The data comes just days before Freedom Day, which will provide a huge relief to people as some of the restrictions come to an end. Further, PM Johnson also reassured that the unlocking is ‘irreversible.’

Observation of COVID cases

Despite the number being too high due to the highly transmissible Delta variant, a slight decline is evident in the number of cases around the country. Prof Spector believes:

We are seeing the overall incidence rates plateau in the UK with an R-value of 1.0, which is good news.

Since the decline rate is slow, he argued the shift in trend can be unpredictable. In comparison to the cases around the globe, the UK seems to be in low light. The Delta variant is creating its dominance in several parts of the world as England is ready for the unlocking. However, he argued:

The numbers are still high with around 1 in 142 people with Covid, so we’ll keep a close eye on numbers and the effect of the Euro Football Championship in the coming days and weeks.

Currently, the number of daily COVID cases is about 17581, which signifies a decline of 22 per cent from last week. Experts believe this data is suggestive of the peak of the wave in the unvaccinated population.

Vaccination is important

The overall number of estimated cases this week is 33,118, which is quite similar to the last week's figure—33,723. There has also been an increase in the vaccinated population, who have started seeing an increase in infections. Nevertheless, Prof Spector considers vaccination as the Hero here.

According to him, getting jabbed does not mean that one cannot catch COVID, but it reduces the chances to a great extent and provides protection. He said:

In the UK, new cases of vaccinated people are still going up and will soon outpace unvaccinated cases.
Whilst the figures look worrying, it’s important to highlight that vaccines have massively reduced severe infections and post-vaccination Covid is a much milder disease for most people. The main concern is now the risk of long Covid.
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