How Do You Know Which Powder Is Best For You?

Loose or pressed powder...are you struggling to choose which powder is the best for you? Don't worry, we'll help you decide! Just take a look at our gallery for ideas that will guide you to choosing the correct powder for your beautiful face!

How Do You Know Which Powder Is Best For You?
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How Do You Know Which Powder Is Best For You?

The Difference Between Loose And Pressed Powder

Pressed Powder

1. Provides medium to full coverage: A pressed powder is often applied using a brush or sponge and it provides a medium to full coverage that will last for hours. It adds a little weight on your face but the coverage will look great.

2. Good for dry skin: If you have dry skin, pressed powder is often a better choice. It's rich and thick formula will help add a little moisture. It's also very easy to carry on the go!

3. Reduces blemishes and spots: If you have more facial imperfections, it's recommended that you use the pressed powder since it provides full coverage. It also goes well after you apply foundation.

4. Find the right shade: Be careful when you apply powder, you need to make sure it's the right shade for your face otherwise it will look fake and chalky.

Loose Powder

1. Provides sheer to light coverage: Loose powder is often used with a brush and will provide light sheer coverage. It will give you more of a natural look.

2. Long application process: Loose powder goes great on top of foundation too. It's a little bit harder to use when you're traveling and need a quick touch up.

3. Reduces shine: It's great for reducing shine for those who have oily skin.

4. Easy to blend: You can blend different colours together to find the perfect shade.