Revealed: These Are The Love Islanders With The Most Fake Followers

It's a well-known fact that going on Love Island increases your Instagram following - opening up lots of lucrative opportunities for sponsored posts and #ads. But a deeper look into this year's Islanders' social media profiles has shown that there are actually a lot less real people following them than it may seem.

As ever, the Love Island producers this year decided to cast several models and social media influencers on the show - meaning lots of people who already had pretty substantial social media followings.

Ever since appearing on the show, all of the Islanders have seen massive increases in their follower counts - but it seems that many of their supposed followers are not actual followers.

Takumi, a specialist marketing company, led a study on the 2019 Islanders' social media profiles to see which stars were guilty of having the most fake followers. They used AI analytics software to put their followers to the test. Shockingly, only one of this year's Islanders had less than 50% fake fans.

Among suspicious signs of fake followers were the fact that Anna Vakili suddenly gained 15,000 followers in February and March this year - and Anton seemed to have a surprising number of followers in Brazil, India and Mexico, three countries which are home to numerous bot farms.

Adam Williams, Takumi's CEO said: 'The results of our research show the extent to which fraudulent activity can take place on Instagram, yet influencers are still powerful marketing tools due to their ability to resonate deeply with their core audiences. Brands must carefully consider who they work with and how they assess their worth. The scale of someone’s social media following doesn’t necessarily equate to real influence among consumers.'

Check out the video above to see which Islanders were found to be guilty of having the most fake followers - and the single 2019 Islander who has more real fans than fakes!

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