How to avoid getting 'turkey neck' when you're older

While we’re all busy taking care of our face, we’re forgetting about two vital areas that are missing out on some serious attention—our necks and chests.

Turkey Neck
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Turkey Neck

Considering that our skin begins to sag much faster in the neck and chest area, we should be taking care of them more consistently. Unfortunately, most of us do not until it’s a little too late.

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As a matter of fact, Allure recently reported that the number of people going in to get a neck lift has significantly increased in 2020. They also found that younger people were starting to get these noninvasive procedures. Steven Levine, a New York City board-certified plastic surgeon, told Allure:

The neck lift patient is definitely getting younger. Women in their 40s are starting to notice early signs of jowling and loosening of skin along the jawline, and they’re willing to go through more downtime and pay more upfront for a predictable fix.

To avoid going under the injection when you’re older, you should start looking after your neck and chest area today. The good news is that you don’t need a hoard of products, just a few essentials will be more than enough.

Vitamin C

You will get loose and droopy skin way earlier if you’re not protecting yourself from the damages of the sunand that's why you need to add Vitamin C to your routine. It boosts collagen production in the skin, it protects the outer layers of the skin from sun damage, and reduces signs of ageing.

You can apply a serum on these areas, and even eat foods that are rich in vitamin C, like citrus fruits. When you use a serum in combination with your usual sunscreen and moisturiser, you can rest assured that your neck and chest are taken care of.


The most important thing you should consider is increasing your collagen intake. Collagen is protein that keeps your skin tight and bouncy. As you age, this protein begins to decrease, resulting in saggy, flappy skin.

To avoid this, start taking collagen supplements! You can find it in the form of a pill, or a powder that you can mix in with your coffee. This is not only great for your neck and chest, it’s also amazing for your whole body.

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