She'd Always Had Headaches Until She Tried This Wise Trick

She'd Always Had Headaches Until She Tried This Wise Trick

There is a really simple way to ease some of body aches and pains whilst promoting relaxation, it's called acupuncture. However, are you a bit put off by the idea of sticking needles into your skin? Not to worry! You can perform acupuncture on your ear at home by pinching the pressure points using an ordinary clothes peg. 

The Points Of Interest On The Ear 

We don't generally pay much attention to our ears. However, the pinna (the outer part of the ear) is connected to many other parts of the body and is therefore often used in acupuncture. Ohmymag gives you some tips on how you can try acupuncture on your ear to relieve minor aches. 

1. Top of the ear: By pinching this part of the ear you can release tensions in the back and shoulders. Repeat the pressure several times a day, for one minute each time. 

2. Helix (curve) of the ear: This part of the ear is linked to organs and is very good for relieving stomach pain. Pinch it for five to ten seconds, several times a day. 

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3. Middle of the upper ear: You can treat this part to relieve joint pain. For osteoarthritis or inflammation, like with the treatment for stomach pain, put the pressure on this part several times a day, for a few seconds at a time. 

4. Middle of the lower ear: Pinch this area to help decongest the sinuses, in particular if they become blocked when you want to go to sleep. 

5. Above the lobe:  The part of the ear just above the lobe is linked to the intestines and can therefore be used to relieve pain from indigestion. 

6. Ear lobe: The ear lobe is linked to the head and the heart. So it acts naturally against stress and strong emotions. Pinch for several seconds or pull it gently downwards. 

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