Parents Invent Clever Tricks That Will Improve Your Life

Parents Invent Clever Tricks That Will Improve Your Life
Parents Invent Clever Tricks That Will Improve Your Life

Sometimes taking care of your children can be a handful especially when you are trying to juggle your work, social, and family life. Don't worry, we've put together some great ideas that will help you manage your child's play time, learning time, and it will keep you more organised.

Clever Tricks Invented By Parents

1. Keep the bugs away: Add an elastic bed sheet on top of your child's play pen to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.

2. Hide the chocolates: Hide all the chocolates and sweets in food packages that the kids won't dare to open and eat.

3. Left and right shoes: Cut cute cartoon stickers in half and put them in your child's shoes. It will remind them of where the left and right shoe is.

4. Relaxing hammock: Take a piece of cloth and hang it underneath the dinner table. It's the perfect hammock from your kids to relax in.

5. Sweeping: When your kids are doing their chores, place a piece of coloured tape on a square block. This will help make a boring chore fun and it will teach them to stay within the lines.

6. Create a play desk: Turn an old baby's crib into a desk. It's a great way to upcycle your old furniture and all you need to do is add chalkboard paint.

7. Prevent fights in the car: To keep your children from fighting place a piece of cardboard between the seats.

8. Cardboard art: Save your large cardboard boxes and use it as a play pen for them to draw and get creative. It will keep them busy for hours.

9. Fake game controller: When you are playing video games give them controllers that don't work. They will think they are playing the game with you.

10. Bucket of water and a brush: Keep your child busy by giving them a bucket of water and a brush. They can paint the fence for hours.

11. Plastic coffee lids: Upcyle your plastic coffee lids and use it when you give your kids lollies. It's a great way to keep them clean.

12. Scrap paper: Give your child an infinite roll of scrap paper so they can scribble on it whenever they want! It will teach them not to draw on the walls outside of the black lines.

13. Time management reminders: Teach them about time management by creating an hourly schedule. It's a great way to keep them organised.

14. Organise toy cars: Use loo rolls to store their tiny cars. It's a great way to avoid any clutter and mess.

15. Bed sheets: Use an elastic bed sheet to keep your kids close to you when you're at the beach. Add an umbrella for sun protection.

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