Save Yourself Money When Shopping Online With These Quick And Easy Tips

Online shopping is great. You can do it in your pyjamas and it's often cheaper than shopping instore. However, the chances are you're missing out on a whole heap of savings if you're not following these online shopping hacks. Watch the video and read below to find out more!

How To Get The Best Deals With Online Shopping

Abandon your cart

You can get discounts from many online stores by abandoning your cart at the last minute. Choose your retailer, create an account, do your online shop, go through the checkout process and close the tab just before finalizing the purchase. Within a couple of days, you’ll likely receive an email with a promotional discount to tempt you into completing the purchase.

Compare prices

Find bargains on ebay by searching for items with typos in the titles! They won’t have come up in other buyers’ searches so there’ll be less bidding competition.

Contact the company

Price comparison sites are great for flight and hotel deals, but once you’ve found a good price – call the airline or hotel directly to see if you’ll get a better price from them than the third party.

Find coupon codes online

Look for online shops with a ‘Live Chat’ function then negotiate with them for lower prices or coupon codes! If that's not available then do a google search using the store name + coupon code. For example, H&M coupon codes. Chances are that people will post their coupon codes online if they aren't using it.

Search engine

Use Google Chrome for online shopping. When you find an item you want, use Google Image search to check if it’s available cheaper elsewhere!

Private browsing windows

What many people don't realise when shopping online is that companies, especially airlines and hotels, cookies to track what you've previously searched. If you have been searching for the same flights and hotels with other companies, you therefore may end up paying more for your flight or hotel than you should. To get around this, always search in private or hidden tabs so that your cookies are not tracked and you could end up saving yourself some money.

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