This is how to wash your duvet easily and correctly

You use it every day of the year (or almost) but you only wash it very rarely because - let's face it - it's not so easy? Here are a few tips on how to clean your duvet easily.

This Is How To Wash Your Duvet Easily and Correctly
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You use it every day yet, you don't wash it very often. However, a duvet can accumulate bacteria and dirt very quickly. It is therefore essential to wash your duvet very regularly. Ideally, it should be washed twice a year. Unlike sheets, which should be washed every 10 days.

If you wash your duvet in the washing machine

There are a number of tips to make sure your duvet is easily and properly washed. First of all, if you want to keep the filling of your duvet well fluffed, place two tennis balls in the drum of the machine.

Don't pour too much detergent into the machine, as too much detergent can damage it. Also, use liquid detergent instead of powdered detergent. Regarding the drying of the duvet in the machine: it must be done at a maximum of 60 C°.

If you wash your duvet by hand (for the more motivated)

Washing your duvet by hand is quite laborious, but completely doable. Place it in a tub of hot water and pour in a capful of detergent. Leave it to soak for 1 hour. Then wring out the duvet (you can ask for help) and lay it flat. Air drying can take up to 5 days.