This is how often you should wash your duvet

Washing just your pillow covers and bed sheets are not enough. Duvets need some regular cleaning up too!

This is how often you should wash your duvet
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This is how often you should wash your duvet

There’s nothing more satisfying than lying down on a bed that’s been made with clean and crisp bedding. Freshly washed pillow covers, a neat bedsheet, and a pristine duvet have the power to transform the sleeping experience. Yet, these three items are things we often neglect when it comes to laundry day.

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Now, we already know that bed sheets and pillow covers need to be washed regularly and it's not that hard to put them in thewashing machine when the time comes. But when it comes to duvets, the whole washing process is definitely more tricky.

Why should you wash your duvet?

The first thing you do when you jump into bed is curl up in your duvet to keep warm. If you’re not regularly washing your duvet, you’re probably also curling up with dead skin, dust mites, and all the sweat that it has absorbed.

In fact, according to Good Housekeeping, humans sweat ‘at least 200 ml of liquid’ onto the bedding. And it’s not just your bed sheets that soak up all those body fluids. The GHI Team adds:

House dust mites feed on dead skin that has been partially broken down by mould, and both the skin itself and the dust mites that find it so tasty, can quickly build up in unwashed beds and bedding.

What’s worse is that if you leave your duvet unwashed for too long, it will give off a terrible smell that could ruin your sleep.

How often should you wash your duvet?

How often should you wash your duvet? Annie Spratt

As we mentioned before, washing your duvet is not the same as plopping your bedsheets into your washing machine every week. It takes three times more space than your other bedding and if you have a small washing machine it may not even fit—leaving you no other option than to go to a laundromat and that can get expensive.

So it is suggested that you wash your duvet at least twice a year: once at the end of summer and then again at the end of winter. This way you can start the two seasons with a clean, dust-mite-free duvet.

However, if you have the means to do it more often then once every three months is the ideal frequency.

How should you wash your duvet?

According to Good Housekeeping and Huffpost, the method you use to wash your duvet depends on the kind of duvet you have.

If you have a duvet stuffed with feathers and natural fibers, it’s best to take them to get professionally cleaned at a dry cleaner.

Those of you with synthetic duvets can definitely get away with sticking them in your washing machine. Laundrapp suggests:

Washing a duvet in warm (but not hot) water — 30°C should do — and on a gentle setting.
When you’re choosing your detergent, it’s best to go for something mild, unless your quilt is stained. If you are looking to get rid of any stubborn marks, you should be able to use your usual laundry stain remover. But, again, be sure to check your duvet’s care label to ensure this won’t cause any damage.

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