These 5 Signs Prove That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

You may be eating too much sugar. If you can't tell, pay attention to these 5 signs.

These 5 Signs Prove That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar
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Sugar is very present in our diets. Some industrial products, fruits or vegetables contain sugar, but also many foods that we don't know about, such as bread, grain and pasta sauces. It is therefore difficult to escape it.

To check whether your diet is high in sugar, these 5 signs can be a warning. Read on to find out more.

1. You are tired

Sugar causes a surge of energy, but it comes back down just as quickly as it came. In fact, swallowing something sweet will allow the body to secrete insulin in large quantities, but then it will go back down and cause fatigue. If you feel very energetic at one point in the day and then very tired, sugar may have something to do with it.

2. You always have dessert

If you feel an overwhelming urge to eat sugar all the time, you may have too much sugar in your diet. This may include the urge to finish each meal with a dessert, to have a small snack in the afternoon and to have a sweet breakfast. Sugar makes you crave sugar...

3. Your moods are changing

Sugar activates the pleasure zone in the brain and develops serotonin, the happiness hormone. So we tend to be happy when we consume something sweet, and depressed when we're craving it! This is a sign of addiction.

4. You have difficulty losing weight

Sugar is stored as fat in the body when consumed in excess. This is because foods containing sugar raise blood sugar levels (and therefore glucose levels). When this amount of sugar is too much, it is stored in the body as fat. Regular excess sugar can, therefore, be responsible for weight gain.

5. You need to drink large amounts of water

When you eat a lot of sugar, your body produces a lot of urine to eliminate the excess. So you have to go to the bathroom more often, you get dehydrated and you need to drink a lot of water.

If you're experiencing all these symptoms, it may be time to find some tips on how to detoxify yourself from sugar. Favour eating natural, home-cooked products and limit sweet foods in favour of salty ones.