The world’s first unisex condom has been created!

For all those who find femidoms and dental dams intimidating, the world’s first unisex condom - the Wondaleaf - will be available from December.

In a world full of confusing and overwhelming methods of contraception - some requiring daily attention like the pill - the condom can often feel like a safe go-to.

However, we hate to admit it, but condoms are somewhat gendered. Many of us were taught all about how to apply a condom onto a phallic fruit or vegetable during school. Still, few of us ever learned about the female condom (femidoms) or dental dams, which arguably look much more complicated.

Thankfully, we no longer need to be intimidated by our choice in latex-based barrier methods, as a Malaysian gynaecologist has invented the first-ever unisex condom that can be used by anyone no matter their assigned sex at birth.

The inventor hopes that the new Wondaleaf Unisex Condom will help empower people to take control of their sexual health no matter their sex or orientation.

How does the Wondaleaf Unisex Condom work?

Essentially, the Wondaleaf works like a regular condom but comes with an adhesive coating that can be applied to either side, depending on who would be wearing it. John Tang Ing Chinh, a gynaecologist at medical supplies firm Twin Catalyst and inventor of the Wondaleaf, explained:

It's a condom with an adhesive covering that attaches to the vagina or penis, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection.

The condoms are made of polyurethane, a material often used in transparent wound dressings for its durability and waterproof features. Tang continued:

Once you put it on, you often don't realise that it's there.

Wondaleaf will be available to purchase from December

Tang also revealed that the new Wondaleaf Unisex Condoms have gone through rigorous clinical research and testing and will be available to purchase via their website from December.

Based on the number of clinical trials we have conducted, I am quite optimistic that given time it will be a meaningful addition to the many contraceptive methods used in the prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases

The Wondaleaf unisex condoms are set to cost 14.99 Malaysian ringgit - which is just £2.63 for a box of two. The average cost for a dozen will be anywhere from £3.50 to £7 or 20-40 ringgit.

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