Here's what you should eat to avoid overheating during a heatwave

With the hot weather, it is necessary to adapt your diet. Here’s how you can beat the heat and stay healthy.

The summer sun is upon us and as the temperatures start to climb up, so does the risk of heatwaves. Due to changing climatic conditions all over the world, the temperatures are getting more extreme. Hot places are getting hotter and cold places are getting colder. This worrying climate state of the planet can have a drastic effect on your body too. Here are some tips and tricks to combat the heat this summer and have fun!

Hydration is the key

During a heatwave, the body tends to sweat more than usual to regulate body temperature and therefore dehydrates much quicker, so it is vital to keep it hydrated at all times. Which hydrating drinks should you choose? Go for sparkling water as it is rich in salt. If you don't like sparkling water, take still water. It's advisable to carry a water bottle always and to drink every half hour, as per Healthline.

Here's what you should eat to avoid overheating during the heat wave TOM STOCKER GETTY_IMAGES

You can drink 1.5L of water to a maximum of 3L! The water should be at room temperature or slightly cool, but not icy. The icy water forces the body to warm up because of its cool temperature the energy used will overheat the body.

Stock up on fruits and veggies

Hydration is the name of the game in a heatwave, but it's not just in a glass of water. Squash, watermelon, melon, tomatoes, and cucumber: these fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water but also vitamins, antioxidants...and many other elements that help to keep you going. So don't skimp on seasonal fruit and vegetables. Dairy products are also quite rich in water and can be consumed without any problem. Smoothies, salads, fruit bowls and many other fresh food recipes are great for the body.

According to Healthline, you should avoid fried food. During a period of high temperatures, the idea is not to put too much strain on the body. So it is better to choose foods that are easy to digest. Eating light and fresh food helps the body to maintain a stable temperature and prevents it from heating up during digestion.

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine

If there are any drinks to be avoided in hot weather, it's alcoholic ones. However, a cool cocktail or a beer for a picnic with friends once in a while is no issue. Alcohol is a factor in dehydration. Hence, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, to reduce the risk of dehydration, as shared by Healthline.

The caffeine in coffee and tea has diuretic effects, that can make us go to the toilet more frequently. In hot weather, you should consume very little amounts because the idea is to keep water in your body and not eliminate it. Even if iced coffee and tea are tempting, drink water! So the key is to keep it light and above all to keep hydrated, even if you don't feel the need.

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