6 little-known uses of sparkling water

Did you know that sparkling water has tons virtues ranging from helping with digestion to skincare?

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Did you know that the high mineral content of sparkling water makes digestion easier? It can help you when you have eaten too much, for example. But this water has many other advantages! Here are six uses for this miracle water.

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Cleaning a stain

Cleaning a stain Matthew Tkocz

You can put some sparkling water on a stain and pat it with a paper towel in order to get rid of the stain easily!

Clean stainless steel and porcelain

Clean stainless steel and porcelain Chloe Bolton

Yes, you can do this too with your bottle of sparkling water. To do this, you need to soak a cloth with the water, rub, and wipe. The result is amazing!

Clean rusty objects

Soak your rusty objects in a bath of sparkling water or soda, then scrub with a wire brush.

Useful in the kitchen

After cooking them for a few minutes in sparkling water, your oysters should open more easily. You can also lighten your pancake batter by adding a little sparkling water.

Care for your plants

The minerals found in sparkling water give plants vitality. In conclusion, don't hesitate to use this to water them, they will thank you!

Ideal as a beauty product

Soak a cotton wool ball in sparkling water and apply it to your face. This will have a purifying effect on your skin. You can also rinse your hair with sparkling water to make it shine and tame your frizz!

Now you know all the benefits of sparkling water! In the video at the top of the article, you can find more details on the benefits of sparkling water.

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