Female masturbation: the 10 mistakes to absolutely avoid

Nowadays, masturbation is normal and even healthy. However, there are some things to avoid when you want to give yourself pleasure.

Masturbation has long been considered taboo, especially among women. In 1970, only 19% of women admitted to giving themselves pleasure once in a while. Today, fortunately, things have changed and many women talk about this subject and admit to giving themselves pleasure.

Normalizing female masturbation

Single women are not the only ones to give themselves pleasure. Indeed, 13% of women in relationships masturbate at least once a week, according to one study. No one should be ashamed when talking about masturbation because it is known for being able to bring a certain well-being and can even reduce stress and anxiety.

10 things to avoid doing

However, there are a few things you should not do when you want to give yourself pleasure so here's a list of ten things to avoid when masturbating.

1. Not choosing the best time

Masturbation is all about relaxing and having a good time. So it's best to avoid doing it in a place where you might get caught. It is important to choose the right time and a quiet place.

2. Masturbating in the same way

Masturbating in the same way is a mistake you should not make. Over time, you may feel less pleasure. So don't hesitate to venture out.

3. Masturbating alone

Masturbation is not just a solitary pleasure. It can very well be practiced in couple to feel more sensation. Then, it allows to be even more complicit with his partner.

4. Lack of imagination

When we masturbate, we should not hesitate to let our imagination go in order to reach orgasm. Think of your fantasies for more sensation!

5. Putting pressure on yourself

To masturbate is above all made to take pleasure. You should not put pressure on yourself. Having an orgasm should not be the only objective.

6. Feeling guilty or shameful

Some women feel guilty after having masturbated. However, it remains a natural practice and you should not feel bad.

7. Focusing only on the clitoris

When giving yourself pleasure, you shouldn't just focus on your clitoris. There are many erogenous zones, so it's important to caress her breasts, thighs and other parts of her body for more sensation.

8. To masturbate only with the fingers

Masturbating with your fingers is a classic, but you should not be satisfied with just that. For those who have trouble letting go, they can use a sex toy. This allows to have more sensation and to reach orgasm.

9. Not listening to yourself

There are no instructions when it comes to masturbation and the best way to let go is to simply listen to yourself. Find your erogenous zones and don't just apply what you've seen on the net or in books. Every body is different!

10. Not taking your time

In order to get pleasure, you have to take the time to masturbate. Having an orgasm requires you to be relaxed and to be in the seventh century. So give yourself a real moment to yourself!

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