Man dies hours after going to the hospital complaining about toothache, here's what happened

A healthy young man who got treated for acute toothache in his local hospital, unexpectedly passed away just hours later. Here is how the events enrolled and what doctors believe became the cause of the shocking death.

Man dies hours after going to the hospital complaining of toothache, here's what happened
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Man dies hours after going to the hospital complaining of toothache, here's what happened

Earlier this month, Diego Soto from Argentina complained about a severe toothache.

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A 23-year-old man with otherwise no health problems sought medical attention in his local hospital in the city of Villa Regina and received a treatment.

But later that day the ‘sporty’ and ‘very active’ man suddenly got paralysed. He was pronounced dead hours later.

The heartbroken family blamed malpractice and demanded an autopsy - something the doctors were reluctant to commit to.

Forced to dig into the reasons behind the shocking death, these doctors believe they now know what caused it. Here is how the events are enrolled.

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Man complained about toothache and died hours later

On June 6, Diego Soto visited a hospital after developing a severe toothache. Doctors treated him with an injection of diclofenac and dexamethasone, anti-inflammatory drugs that, according to the health authorities, ‘do not tend to produce serious side effects’, and he was able to go home.

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The 23-year-old went to bed shortly before midnight but woke up ‘scared’ and unable to move. He ‘could not feel his legs or his arms’, brother Octavio Soto revealed.

Although he was ‘conscious and lucid’ and able to speak to his parents on the phone, his relatives decided to take him to the hospital.

Despite doctors’ intervention, Diego Soto was pronounced dead early in the morning.

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What could have caused the death?

Abril Suárez, the young man's partner, said that they were never explained the reasons behind Diego Soto’s paralysis or ‘anything that could have happened to him’.

She added:

We believe there was malpractice. We made the complaint and we asked for the autopsy...
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According to Suárez, hospital bosses were reluctant to dig into the unexplained death case but pressed for answers, they had to give in and go ahead with an autopsy.

The result was shocking.

What is acute pulmonary edema?

Preliminary conclusions from the autopsy were that the cause of Diego Soto’s death was an Acute Pulmonary Edema.

The condition comes with an abnormal buildup of fluid in the lungs. It is a medical emergency and is potentially fatal as it can lead to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of pulmonary edema include difficulty breathing, coughing up foam and loose mucus, wheezing and chest tightness.

Relatives demand investigation: ‘He was healthy’ and ‘very active’

The young man's family have difficulties to believe that otherwise healthy man could die just like that. Suspecting 'malpractice', they demanded a full investigation into the incident.

His partner Abril Suárez said:

He was healthy. He liked to play sports, he rode bicycles, and he liked to go running. He was a very active person.

The family claims that Soto did not have any health conditions before the incident and had only recently completed a set of medical checks when he joined an oil company.

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The public prosecutor's office said further analysis of autopsy results is required before they can officially confirm the cause of the young man's death.

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