Zodiac: These are the worst traits of a Gemini

While Geminis aren’t the astrological villains many people set them out to be, there may be a grain of truth behind their unpopularity!

These are the worst traits of a Gemini
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These are the worst traits of a Gemini

Geminis are sociable, witty, and talkative, which are typical traits to look forward to in a person. However, they’ve gotten a bad reputation over the years, but it’s certainly only due to a few bad apples, right…?

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The truth is that, just like every sign, there are both bad and good aspects of Geminis. It’s just that, for some reason, people love to hate on you—likely because they got burned by a Gemini with these dominant characteristics!

Here’s what people least like about the sign of the twins:


Geminis are notoriously flaky, but they can’t help themselves: there are so many ideas zooming back and forth in their minds that they simply do not have enough time to attend to all of them. While they’re probably social butterflies with endless groups of friends, their habit of ditching plans to attend something more fun has put them in hot water more than once, says Sloane Solomon of YourTango.


Fun-loving and playful, this often crosses into irritating territory for Geminis. They love taking things to the next level, which means their foolishness can get them on people’s bad sides very quickly, according to YourTango. Though being childlike can be much appreciated in the dreary world of adulthood, childishness certainly is not!

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Geminis have a short attention span, which means they often ignore important details in each situation, observes YourTango. Their curiosity has them wanting to learn everything there is to know about whatever catches their fancy, which means they’re usually jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.


Being flirty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when combined with general flakiness, it can certainly result in a grease fire! Geminis love the thrill of the hunt and bask in attention, but that also means they think all flirting is harmless. They’re not above stringing people along, either!

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