These are the 5 most stubborn zodiac signs

Trying to get through to these signs can sometimes feel like hitting a brick wall!

These are the 5 most stubborn zodiac signs
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These are the 5 most stubborn zodiac signs

We all have that token friend in our lives whose mind is notoriously difficult to change—and the truth is, they probably have one of these signs in their chart! Though stubbornness can get tedious to deal with sometimes, it can also be their redeeming quality as they trudge through obstacles and come out victorious on the other side!

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Still, moderation is key to everything. Brace yourself for the unmatched stubbornness in these signs:


As impulsive and competitive as these rams are, they can also be especially strong-willed. According to AstroTalk, Arians tend to be dominant, especially when they feel like they’re about to lose a challenge. They’re also known not to bow to anyone else, so you can at least count on them not to be people pleasers!


Their symbol is the bull for a good reason—these lovable but bull-headed individuals can get very persistent about their ideals and decisions, to the point that it can get very frustrating. However, they tend to cave when they know they’re hurting the ones they love, observes AstroTalk.

These are the 5 most stubborn zodiac signs Tony Arruza / Getty Images


Chatterbox Geminis spout off a million ideas a minute, which is why their obstinate nature tends to go undetected until it’s far too late. They’re insistent on following their suggestions, whether it’s a movie to watch or a place to hang out, explains AstroTalk, unless you manage to frame your input as the one that makes more sense!


As responsible and practical as they are, Virgos tend to think they know best, which is why they can butt heads with others who insist on their own ideas. Due to their perfectionist nature, they prefer overseeing as many things as possible, notes AstroTalk, trusting no one to do as good of a job as they could. Ironically, this can make them difficult to work with.


Independent and progressive, Aquarians often have revolutionary or even controversial ideas that may not accommodate other people’s risk appetites. When they have a strong feeling about something, says AstroTalk, they’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. Expect them to charge on with their own ideas!

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