The worst zodiac matches for Virgo

Let’s face it, some pairs are just not made in heaven! These three zodiac signs with Virgo are definitely not heaven-approved!

The worst zodiac matches for Virgo
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The worst zodiac matches for Virgo

Virgo is a zodiac sign that likes a lover who is as devoted as them in relationships. Finding a perfect match for Virgo is a tricky business. They need someone who can understand that their critical brain and judgemental attitude are also for the benefit of a person or their relationship. They can be a know-it-all sometimes and that’s because they do know a lot, confirms YourTango. Zodiac signs like Capricorn and Pisces make some of the best matches for a Virgo, but these three zodiac signs with a Virgo are just a disaster.

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The best fit two people are usually the ones who bring out the best in each other and this is where Aries fail. They are too impulsive for a Virgo – who is always very careful. The two would end up fighting the most. In bed, Aries is not a considerate lover, which would be a big turn-off for Virgo. Overall, the two have different approaches to life and are not a good match at all.

Worst Match  Andrik Langfield


As friends, these two signs make a great team, but romantically it’s a disastrous mismatch. They may have respect for each other, but the passion of a burning relationship is missing. Libras are a bit flighty, gullible, and too easily influenced for a Virgo who likes to be secure and stable in a relationship. While Virgo will be happy to teach Libra, Libra doesn’t like being forced into doing things.

Worst Match  Eric Ward


The two may share a good intellect and sense of humour, but that’s about it. It is one of the most challenging romantic pairings if these two zodiac signs are put together. Virgo is more pragmatic and practical than a Sagittarius who likes to be free and independent. Their ideologies also don’t match at all as Sagittarius is very optimistic while Virgo is more of a realist.

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