Don't hurt these 3 zodiac signs, because they will never forgive you

After the most hypocritical and angry zodiac signs, here are the three most unforgiving signs, so watch out!

zodiac signs forgiveness unforgiving astro
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zodiac signs forgiveness unforgiving astro

Some signs are very difficult when it comes to forgiving others. Some will even make you pay for your mistake forever. Find out which signs never forgive!

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Taurus is one of the most stubborn of all zodiac signs. If you've betrayed them, it will be difficult to regain their trust. So hang in there and apologize. But once won't be enough: you'll have to say it again before they get a word in edgewise. You still have a long way to go. Good luck if you're in trouble with a Taurus!


Cancer people are also terrible when it comes to forgiveness. You'll have to be prepared to apologize profusely before they'll even give you a look of mercy. Above all, you'll need to be extremely patient, as Cancer doesn't take kindly to being betrayed. Your relationship with a Cancer may be tainted for a long time by this dirty affair. And while it may seem benign to you, it's very serious to them. Never minimize your fault in front of them.


This is the most resentful sign in the zodiac. If the fault is really serious, Scorpio will probably never forgive you. Worse than that, they'll make you pay a hundredfold. If you feel you've alienated a Scorpio, keep your head down and avoid being noticed. Otherwise, the slightest action or word could be used against you.

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By the way, what is astrology?

Astrology is a divinatory art and has got nothing to do with astronomy. This art is based on the position of the stars in our solar system. This data is then analyzed by an astrologer, i.e. a specialist in astrology who has dedicated their life to this practice, and who is able to tell us how the stars can influence our lives or our character.

It's not an exact science, since it's open to interpretation, but you need to have acquired a certain amount of specific knowledge to be able to practice as an astrologer.

Some people may use astrology as a tool for self-reflection to better understand their own emotional reactions, including their ability to forgive. For example, a person with an astrological sign associated with compassion and emotional understanding may be more inclined to forgive, while someone with astrological aspects linked to resilience may find it easier to forgive and move on.

It's important to note that the ability to forgive is a complex human trait influenced by a variety of factors, including upbringing, life experiences, individual personality and personal beliefs.

If forgiveness is an important concern for you, it may be more useful to turn to psychological, spiritual or therapeutic approaches to explore and cultivate this capacity. Forgiveness is often considered beneficial for mental and emotional health, promoting inner peace and personal growth.

Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces: Beware, these zodiac signs hold the most grudges Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces: Beware, these zodiac signs hold the most grudges