Actress who played Princess Diana makes unexpected claim about her

Emma Corrin, the star of The Crown has publicly spoken about her take on Princess Diana.

The Crown's Emma Corrin says Princess Diana was 'queer'
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The Crown's Emma Corrin says Princess Diana was 'queer'

The Crownis a Netflix show that has been deemed widely controversial for many reasons. The show is (loosely) based on the lives of the British Royal Family.

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Although a work of fiction, the show draws inspiration from several real-life events that the Royal Family saw over the years.

A new statement by Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana in the show, has stirred some conversation. The British actor identifies as non-binary and goes by the pronouns they/them. And they made some comments about how they perceive Princess Diana’s 'queerness'.

Emma Corrin’s take on Princess Diana

In a recent interview, the actor explicitly stated that Princess Diana was ‘queer’ in so many ways, as per The Insider. Their reason for saying this was the fact that the late Princess was an ‘other’ when it came to the Royal Family. In addition, Diana was one of the few Royal Family members to acknowledge, embrace and welcome 'outsiders'.

This is certainly a different perspective on Princess Diana, and one that remains unverified. It just so happens that both actors Corrin and Kristen Stewart, who played Diana in the movie Spencer, identify as queer.

Emma Corrin’s take on Princess Diana Jeff Kravitz / Getty_Images

The plot of The Crown

The show is (in)famous for depicting the lives of the Royal Family. The last season of The Crown dove into the turbulent marriage and life of the late Princess Diana with her then-spouse, Prince Charles. It even explored Diana’s eating disorder, as per The Economic Times.

The next season of the show is all set to premiere in November. And it explores the life of Princess Diana in a whole new stage. Taking over as the Princess for the upcoming season is the actor Elizabeth Debicki. Fans of the late Princess are waiting to see a whole new take on Diana portrayed by the Australian actor.

The plot of The Crown

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